Divine Communications
Unlock your Divine Potential.

Welcome to Divine Communications!

Divine Communications is created with a pure intention to share my Communications with the Divine Elements, the Ascended Masters and our beloved Creator! 

Here, you can also be informed about my online spiritual courses, the ones that already exist and the ones yet to come! 

Furthermore we can discuss any question you might have about my spiritual courses and if you seek guidance regarding your own spiritual journey I will be pleased to help you! 


The most natural way, to become your Nature ~ Free!

With a series of unique and easy to follow online spiritual courses, I am here to help you explore different aspects of Energy Healing and spirituality and so to take the next steps in your Soul's Journey!

Each course is about a different subject of spiritualism and I keep working to create and bring you new ones!

  • Upgrade your Usui Reiki level with the Energies of the Seven Rays, the Lemurian Light and Atlantian Reiki!
  • Enter the Angelic Realms!
  • Apprentice on the Dragon Energy!
  • Enjoy Advanced Guided Meditations!
  • Apprentice on Light Codes/Language!
  • Re-Align and Restore your Existence!
  • Discover the world of the Twin Flames!

If you feel you need something more customized and can't find the answers you seek in my courses, I am here to help you with personal Energy Healing Sessions. 

Very often we experiences blockages in the different levels of our life or existence and Energy Healing is able to cleanse all restrictive Energies, restore our inner balance and allow us to be free once again!

Also every now and then I offer Energy Healings for a full period of 21 days. You can follow me on facebook where I announce these healings and so you can  have the opportunity to join!